Surf Bazaar pop-up shops in Ron Herman, Japan, April 2012

Day 1
I flew over the Northern Territories, direct form New York to Narita.  A beautiful expanse of mountains, snow, & sea. Once I landed at Narita Airport in Tokyo, I met up with Samudra designer Jennifer Binney, who came in from Hawaii to be my partner in crime.  First stop, The Cerulean Tower Hotel in Shibuya, the only hotel I have ever stayed in Tokyo.  One of the many reasons I like to stay here is its close proximity to one of my all time favorite stores, Tokyo Hands.  Eight floors of anything you could ever imagine to make anything you could possibly wish for.  My heart starts racing at the sight of a sea of neon pens and rolls of neon vinyl sticker. My favorite section has to be the Wood Shop.  There is an actual table saw in the corner of this department store.  You can smell the fresh cut wood a floor away.  

Day 2
Today is the launch of the first of 5 Surf Bazaar Pop-Up shops in Ron Herman Japan.  First stop, Sendagaya
After day of interviews with WWD japan etc. we get ready for the party.  Neon colored drinks (Surf Bazaar loves its fluorescents) and a perfect rendition of the Surf Bazaar logo…carved in a watermelon.   The store is beautiful with a killer Cafe and selection of great boards.  We are surprised to see the inspiration images for the collection to be blown up on every wall of the 7,000 sq. ft. store. Artist Takahiro Hida also hangs on the wall with his awesome resin & string art. They party is a hit, good turn out, and Surf Bazaar Shop was an amazing replica of the original in Montauk.

Day 3:
Our second Surf Bazaar launch is at the Futakotamagawa location of Ron Herman.  We have a great turn out and Surf Bazaar is getting a lot of love from our Japanese surfer ladies. The hand carved Surf Bazaar watermelon from the night before made it to futakotamagawa! We decide not to take any chances losing track of our new mascot, and smuggle him back to the hotel.  

Day 4:
We travel to the Tokyo suburb of Tsujido, the last stop for the Surf Bazaar Pop-up (that is until Kobe and Yurakucho next month). Afterwards we head to nearby Shichirigahama to check out their waves.  We are stoked to see some brave surfers in a total downpour.  We stop in to say hi to Dagawa, local legend and shaper, at his store Blue Horizon.